Force Free Positive Reward Based Training

Louise Scott of Louise Scott Dog Training Solutions is Smithvale Dog Centres resident trainer for Puppy Classes, Adult Dog Obedience Classes, Loose Lead/Recall and Advanced Obedience Classes.

The Agility/Enrichment For Fun Classes will be held monthly in our all weather pitch.

Check out dates – we recommend to book in advance.

Puppy, Dog Obedience, Loose Lead/Recall,Super Hoopers, Scent Workshops and Advanced Obedience Classes with Louise Scott

Louise has a wealth of experience and knowledge in dog behaviour and is passionate about what she does. She uses force free positive reward based training methods. You will be taught how to positively reinforce the behaviours that you want to see.

Loose Lead/Recall Classes 7pm – 8pm Monday

This is a 4 week course in which we teach the dog that walking with no tension on the lead is fun and rewarding for both dog and owner.

Advanced Obedience Classes 7pm – 8pm Wednesday

This is a 5 week course and is open to pups and dogs who have already successfully completed and enjoyed basic training skills in a class environment. This course will be fun and will continue to increase and strengthen your bond with your dog. It will benefit all dogs regardless of breed or age.Lots of fun and exciting activities. Not suitable for Reactive Dogs.

Puppy Classes  6.15pm -7.15 Friday

Puppy course is for pups who have had their 2nd injection and are under 6 months old. This is a 5 week course learning in a safe fun and informative environment. Puppy classes provide the experiences and opportunities for your puppy to develop interaction skills with other puppies, with people and in new environments.

Obedience Classes  7.30pm – 8.30pm Friday

Adult obedience classes are for dogs over 6 months old and will cover all the training you need to set your dog up for life.

The benefits will be that your dog will be more content, happier and will reduce frustration and behavioural problems. A trained dog is a fully participating member of the family.

You will be encouraged all the way.

Mutt Club (Meet Up and Train Together)  10am on the 2nd Wednesday of every month

The Mutt Club will focus on canine enrichment, trick training, clicker, luring and much much more as it develops. 

You can now Register for our next set of classes:

13th Puppy & Adolescent Obedience Classes

29 July Loose Lead/Recall

11 September Super Hooper 4 week course 6.15pm

11 September Scent Workshop Level 1 7.30pm

Mutt Club 10am Smithvale 2nd Wednesday of each month  Next one  12 June  Come along and enjoy some fun training with Louise.

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About Louise

Louise Scott Dog Training Solutions is Smithvale Dog Centres trainer.

Louise started dog training 10 years ago after taking her family dog Tia through a training class. She travelled to England to join puppy school and became a resident trainer for the franchise. She has a Diploma in Canine behaviour and psychology, OCNNI Principle of dog training and behaviour qualification. 

She set up her own training school in Mallusk which is still vibrant.

Louise keeps up to date with training practices through seminars with world wide trainers. The most recent was a 2 day workshop in Dublin with the infamous Charig Patel entitled Re-Thinking Puppy Training.

Louise has an extensive knowledge of dogs, their nature, habits and behaviour. She uses Force Free Positive Reward Based Training Methods.